JT Conception's third album "How Far Can You Go?" - OUT NOW!

JT Conception plays a tribute to Prince with Philip Lassiter, Alika and Uku Suviste at Christmas Jazz

Jazz Musician of the Year 2023 - Janno Trump!

"Up North" - a nominee for the Jazz Album of The Year at Estonian Music Awards!

Viktoria Tolstoy will join Janno Trump Clarity Ensemble for a concert at Christmas Jazz Festival

Album of the Month by Radio Tallinn: Janno Trump Clarity Ensemble - Up North

Janno Trump Clarity Ensemble "Up North" - now available!

Janno Trump Clarity Ensemble "Up North" will be released on 24th of April

JT Conception will be joined by Swedish jazz-funk legend Nils Landgren!

Janno Trump Clarity Ensemble - Reflections  OUT NOW!

Janno Trump will present his new group with a concert at Jazzkaar 2021 - Janno Trump Clarity Ensemble

JT Conception released their new single "Rush Hour"! (ERR)

JT Conception + New Wind Jazz Orchestra - tickets on sale now!

Vice Versa: Janno Trump & Laura Põldvere (Edasi.org)

Jazzkaar to announce the main programme of the 2020 festival

JT Conception - Jazz Ensemble of the Year!

JT Conception - the nominee for the "Jazz Ensemble of the Year" 2019!

"Wait For It" by Trump Conception - a nominee for Jazz Album Of The Year!

Trump Conception released their 2nd album "Wait For It". Grab your virtual copy!

Trump Conception will present their new album on 28th of October in Autumn Jazz!

Trump Conception released their first single from upcoming live-album! (ERR)

Janno Trump - Young Jazztalent 2017! (Interviewed by Eeva Trei, Jazzkaar 2017)

Trump Conception's Janno Trump: Old Enough and Good Enough (The Baltic Guide, Feb 2017)
Interview by Stuart Garlick.